Altercation Dreamer Solutions is a ‘life-artist’. They resided primarily in New Orleans between Mardi Gras ’99 and April 2012. They have since been drifting around in the Mid-South and the 'Rust Belt'.  Their artistic interests range from 2D/3D mixed media to singing and piano, to dance and Reiki (including instruction). Before moving to New Orleans, they grew up in Chicago, Milwaukee, several places in New Jersey, then after high school, Alaska and California plus traveling to almost every state, by bus, train and hitch-hiking. While in high school they were awarded a humanitarian award by the Swiss Embassy in honor of Raoul Wallenberg, reinforcing the groundwork of their childhood for their interest in the equal treatment of all humans in society. This has carried over into their music and the main thrust of the dance and Reiki  classes.


All of the various modalities Altercation pursues are based in a premise that 'Love Can conquer All' the dragon in Rilke's poetry, the damaged creatures want healing too. Having practiced Reiki for 12 years, this Dreamer attempts to dismantle the class hierarchy that keeps people from acquiring a self-healing tool of Light & Love. The responsibility of exchange is placed on the attunement recipient. It is up to us to consent to making a positive change in our life, and what level of exchange is honestly possible.

They are available for Reiki treatments and are certified to pass on Reiki attunements 1,2 & 3, plus healing attunements. 

"THE TIME 2 HEAL IS HERE & NOW" is a cathartic ceremony designed for survivors of sexualized violence, to articulate events they may have experienced w/o burdening others with specific details. There are three ways that have been used so far, and these are also templates that anyone can modify to fit their own needs. 
         The first way involves electricity and can be done as a performative/interactive ceremony where numerous modalities can be employed. The idea is to create a soundscape that people can be speaking all at once, over one another, and with music happening as a top layer. Modified microphones are used to change a persons voice to be unrecognizable, as many as available, set up behind a screen in a cozy space involving hung fabrics, cushions, stuffed animals, candles...whatever feels good. Then out front, shrines and prayer spaces can be set-up where supporters can gather and pray, or sing, light candles or inscense, place objects....again, whatever feels good. Then also, a decompression area set-up with various kinds of healers and supporters to give gentle touch, massage, energy work, or be available to give private listening attention away from people, if necessary. This can be very powerful, and requires a lot of bravery on the part of the participants...some people feel there should be a time restraint on how long this ceremony goes, but be sure to give a couple 'last-call's before the time is up, so those still summoning the courage to speak will know the wind-down is approaching. Then, have a performance arranged specifically to gather the energy, involving a short song/prayer everybody can chime in on, and also a live musician to perform...we used an aerialist too, to great effect...transmuting grief into joy, and releasing it out into the world for the greater good. A lively dance party can also be included after this, to put people back into their bodies in a positive way.
          The second form of this ritual is electricity free, and can be done with a group, or modified as a solo ceremony. This involves digging a hole into the ground, instead of microphones and using 'mother-earth' as a 'secret-keeper'. A nice way to do this can be with a group, fitting in any number of ceremonies as the group feels. We used a small team to consecrate the ground, and form the hole, and another to gather water and bring it to the hole to represent tears and renewal. A nighttime ceremony can include a fire nearby with people making music as a soundscreen for privacy, but this can also be done in the day. When we did this in the day, as soon as we started singing our chosen song, ( All that I am, I offer at the altar of Love. (2x) In swee-ee-ee-eet sur-re-ender. (2x)) we received a gentle sunshower!!! This form can involve the same aspects as the first with a team of healers on hand for support and shrines of solidarity, or can be done alone in your own backyard with privacy.
          The third can be for in the city, using a bowl of water as the 'secret-keeper', again with a full team of healers and music, or alone for total privacy, and the water used for an indoor plant, or poured out in a nearby park.
          Any of these ideas can be modified to fit the situation you are in, and can also be helpful for healing other forms of trauma that are not sexualized.

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